Friday, August 28, 2020

Overheard at Table 1: ... and George

I remember a short story that I read once.  A Christmas story.  It was written sometime between the 20s, to the 50s... probably 40s are the most likely.  I think it was in a collection of short stories that had been printed in the New Yorker. 

It was about 4 pages long, and it was about a guy, can't remember his name, but I think it was George.  He walked up the steps to a Christmas party, and when he walked inside, all the presents were sitting on the table, and while everybody else was congregated in the other room, he went through the tags and added his name to each one.  "... and George" 

Such as "Love from Charles and Sue ... and George!"

Or maybe the story was at a wedding reception ... that would make more sense.

I don't know.  That's all I can remember.   Kills me that I can't remember the story, or be able to find it.  I've looked through my books, the collections of short stories, the collections of Christmas stories, collections of New Yorker stories, but I can't find it.


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