Friday, August 14, 2020

Overheard at Booth 1: (Don't) Take Me Back to Tulsa

Once, I overheard my wife singing, "Don't take me back to Tulsa" in a stereotypical country twang ... like an old Hank Thompson style.

So, I tried to write these lyrics:

(Don't) Take Me Back to Tulsa

Don't take me back to Tulsa,
'Cuz I don't wanna go.
I left T-town so far behind
Such a long long time ago.

There's nothing for me in Tulsa,
That place is a godless pit,
The only good thing in Tulsa
I took with me when I split.

Yeah my kids were born in Tulsa,
That's the best that I can say,
The sun shines brightest in Tulsa,
The day you make your getaway,

Yeah, the day you get away!

2014-0629, updated and edited 2020-0814

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