Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: Still Angry

Husband: Are you still angry about last night?

Wife: Hell yes I'm angry, I don't think you understand.  You could have gotten us killed.

H: All I said was "FASCIST!"

W: You SCREAMED it at him!  There were two little girls waiting to cross the street to the park.  What if he'd had a gun and turned around and started shooting?

H: Well, he didn't,

W: But he could have!  You don't know about these Trumpistas ... they're insane, I mean, they are really crazy and they are willing to kill for Trump.  You have to think before you just shout things out like that.

H: Hey, he's the guy driving around with the golf cart and the Trump flag.

W: And he has the First Amendment right to do that.

H: And I don't have the right to call him out on his fascism.

W: No.  Because it can get people killed.

H: So the Fascists have the right to be Fascists and we don't have the right to call them on it?

W: You are such an American.  You guys really don't know what it's like to life under that kind of rule.

H: Well we are certainly finding out.

W: But you don't know.  God you are all so pathetic.   You Americans don't know how good you've got it and now you just want to piss it all away.

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