Saturday, June 20, 2020

Overheard at Booth 1: Various Artists "The Beatles' Yellow Submarine"

A remake of the Beatles Yellow Submarine album
recorded in 2011, but, due to contractual limitations, it has never been released

Shaggy - Yellow Submarine

Los Lobos - All Together Now

Arcade Fire - It's All Too Much

Snow Patrol - Only a Northern Song

Lil Kim - Hey Bulldog

Tori Amos - All You Need is Love

Kronos Quartet - Yellow Submarine Orchestral Suite:
        Sea of Time
        Sea of Monsters
        March of the Meanies
        Pepperland Laid Waste
        Yellow Submarine in Pepperland

One reviewer who heard the album considered it "audacious, if flawed" while another wrote that "It was something that only someone who enjoys Beatles covers could truly enjoy." 

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