Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Verble Continues

" . . . But seriously, there is one thing about Romans that gets me time and time again, is how it seems to be a different book each time I read it. I mean, I've read this wonderful bit of twisted Zen illogic time and time again and each time it seems like a different passage. For those who read Sartre for fun, or who study Chinese philosophy or who just like the mindtwists of a good Sudoku, well, then they would have a great old time trying to figure out Romans.

"I mean, look - what simple beautiful seeming incongruity can be found in 'We died in Christ so that he may live in us' (Romans 6:8) - and then continues on to talk about how when we lived in sin we served sin and all that was left in our wake was death and the stench of misery, but when we serve the living God what we send forth is righteousness. Like I said before, it's like, look - you're going to be a slave to something one way or another, you can be a slave to your own desires, which you might think is fun for awhile, but one day you're gonna wake up broke and stinking and your supposed friends all gone because the money's run out and the young chicks you used to take home with you nightly are just all getting younger while you're getting older and they're starting to look at you like you're some sort of sick old man, OR you can serve God and get yourself into something decent, and you can move it forward, have fun, create things, BE somebody in the community that people actually want to have around, have a family, for goodness sake, have something that makes a lasting impression - do something that makes other people happy, and the more you cast that glory back to God, man, the absolute happier you will be.

"And that's only on THIS reading of Romans chapter 6. When I re-read it tomorrow, I'll get something even more and different out of it."

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