Saturday, October 22, 2011

Overheard at Table 4: Sleeping In

Helene's iPhone buzzes next to her hand, which is resting next to her mocha latte. She taps the screen and says to JoHannah, "My daughter. She's just texting me she's just now getting up."

JoHannah says, "Wow. You really let her sleep in late."

"Just on Saturdays. During the week we all get up super-early. We just let her sleep in on Saturdays because ever since she turned 14 she's been like, you know - 14. So it's the only time when there's actually anything like a peaceful moment in the house, that's Saturday mornings, you know?"

"Don't I know! I've got my 17 and my 16 year old both hanging at the house today . . . Why do you think I texted you, begging you to meet me here for coffee?!

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