Monday, October 17, 2011

Overheard at the Counter: American Tapestry

I am just so tired of all this self-identification here in America, I mean, my God all we ever do is try to "identify" who we are: I mean, we classify ourselves in so many ways: conservative, liberal, progressive, Tea Partier, Occupier, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian-American, Christian Buddhist Hindu vegan vegetarian carnivore - Muslim American, black, high yellow, boricua, cuban-american, slaviv, irish, nordic, germanic, gay straight bi tri quad queer and transgender, transgender in waiting, cross dresser only, protestant catholic reformer and reformed, male, female, white, straight, fag, drag, redneck, legal, illegal, hillbilly, yankee, southerner, midwesterner, californian, texan, not born here but got here as fast as I could, libertarian, socialist, social conservative but economic liberal and vice versa, pugilist, nihilist, constitutionalist, citizen, patriot, patriotic, founding father ist, constitutionalist, midgit dwarf giant autistic gifted but never just plain mediocre

LORD I can't keep track of it all!


  1. Wow. That's an impressive list. Only you forget (like everyone does) NATIVE AMERICANS. Yes, those Pre-Columbian North Americans. Lets this self-identity simple for everybody and just call everybody by what they are: Indigenous and non-indigenous.

  2. And you mentioned the Muslims but you didn't mention the Jews? Ha! and you call yourself a Christian!

  3. You also forgot Bi-curious.