Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Overheard at Table 3: Discussing Occupy Wall Street

I think it's great, you know, that we finally have a movement that isn't for or against any one thing, but rather a protest against the status quo.

Like, the Tea Partiers, you knew that they were just against. Nothing for. Just against. No taxes. Let business rape whatever land they want, that kind of stuff.

What I think is way cool is how the Occupy Wall Street crowd are actually speaking out that one saying that we've always been taught that we shouldn't never say: "Equitable division of wealth." Man! That's even hard to say, because I think the Capital Police are going to bust in here and haul me away!

I know! I was thinking that too. I mean, we hear all the time "Don't be socialist! Don't be communist! Don't let anybody take the rich's stuff!" But some of these guys are actually coming out and saying it. Let's spread that wealth around - hey look, the way I see it, most of those CEO's got it from us, the workers, any way. If not by working for them, then by being on the chopping block!

What I think should happen is the news should say OK - who REALLY represents "the American People" - the Tea Party Movement or the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Then they should point out that the first had people screaming and biting off fingers in town halls, and this one has people singing and dancing and cleaning up after themselves.

Yeah, but which one really represents who we are, vs the one that we WANT to represent who we are?

Good question.

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