Saturday, October 8, 2011

Overheard at Table 1: Steve Jobs' Cultural Impact

Billy: Well, he did change the culture.

Joe: But to whut? Now we all walk around tied to these sleek little devices.

Jim: Touch screen. He gave us touch screen.

Bob: An' whut else?

Billy: uhh . . . the phone?

Joe: Naw, he just made the phone cooler.

Jim: and music. He gave us music!

Bob: Music had been around before Jobs.

Billy: That's right. He just gave it to us for 99 cents a song.

Joe: Didn't that used to be called a jukebox.

Jim: But that was only a nickel, and a jukebox you couldn't take with you in a 4-inch silver case all around the world.

Bob: So, basically, I think what conclusion we seem to be arriving at is that Jobs didn't make anything new so much as he made what we had more accessible, more portable, and just basically, cooler.

Billy: Yes, I would say that in a nutshell.

Joe: Then why are we glorifying him these past few days.

Jim: Why, why are people crying like he was some sort of Maharashi Buddha Jesus Mohammad Mother Theresa ?

Bob: Because we're all looking for a hero. We ain't got heroes, any more. There's no one we can trust. Jobs. he had one job, one thing he did well, he gave us our music, our movies, our touch screens, and he gave it to us smaller and sleeker and easier and . . . well, cooler.

Billy: Bascially, he was cool.

Joe: And he made cool stuff.

Jim: That he did.

Bob: Cool. I wonder what they'll say about that guy who invented Starbucks.

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