Monday, August 22, 2011

Overheard at Table 4: Psycho-Killer (qu'est-ce que c'est?)

Hillary: Heard some more about that serial killer in Fullbright . . .

Jan: Oh, yeah, the one who torched his house in Oklahoma?

Shannon: What'd he do?

Corrinne: Oh, man it was terrible! He was on trial for raping his 8-year-old daughter, and he two days before he was supposed to be in court, he set fire to his house and left the state.

Jan: He'd actually had a mistrial the first time. This was the second trial. Apparently he didn't wanna go.

Hillary: State troopers kept passing up and down last night, all last night, shining their spotlights on the fields.

Jan: Huh, they won't find him if he's hiding in there.

Shannon: Oh my god! I mean, is he still around?

Jan: What I heard they were looking for him out by Clearview Creek.

Corinne: Ah! KKK!

Jan: Well, they can't come out and SAY that, but you know that's where they hang out.

Corinne: Sometimes you can see their fires through the trees.

Hillary: Crosses?

Corinne: Nah! Campfires. It's really nothing more than a old guys' country club these days.

Jan: Still, that's what they're thinking he came down here for. The meeting.

Hillary: So you're saying that a guy who raped his daughter and set fire to his house would actually cross over three states just to attend a KKK meeting?

Corinne: Sometimes it seems like they just make stuff up these days.

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