Saturday, August 13, 2011

Overheard at Table 1: Laptop fingerpads

and imgettin SO mad i can't standit annymore why does my cursor keep flippin back to the beginning of all my tweets n facebookins, i mean, like, each - time - i try it just jumps into the middle of the sentence a few lines up

i dunno i think it has something to do with the touchpad thingy, like, something about when ur typin i think the grease from your thumb like activates it or something, i think like i googled that somewhere

no man, lissen it can indicate a real bad virus that, like, everybody's got it, so really there ain't nothing you can really do

no no, dude, seriously you can, i mean i just checked this answer chat blather and they say there are fixes out there, free downloads, dude, like, here's the link . . .

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