Friday, August 12, 2011

Overheard at table 2: Making Movies

Sylvie: Heard they was makin a movie about those miners what got trapped down there in Chile last year:

Huge: Da's about a year too late. I expected 'em to havvit out by last Christmas. Who's gonna wanna see it now? Das' like - las' year, n'all.

Josiah: Yah, roight. B'sides, what movie I'd rather see is that one you KNOW they're gonna make about the Norwegian psycho killer. I can jus' see it. A kid, down on the ground, peekin out from under 'is hoodie, combat boots walkin toward him slowly, crunchin on the tiny rocks (behind him some pine trees of the mainland in the distance, y'know, across the fjord, so close you could touch, but so too far t'swimmit!) and then the feet stop, right in front of 'im. He's list'nin to his own breath - then - BANG! Black screen - movie title pops up! "Coming soon to a theatre near you!"

Huge: That sounds brilliant! Now I'd go t'see that!

Sylvie: Technically, he's not a psycho killer. He's a mass murderer. There is a difference, both what in reasoning and methodology.

Josia: Aw, Sylvie, don't go all specifics on us, now! People just want to see blood, carnage, and death! Nuffin' more!

Sylvie: Not the Chilean coal miners movie. That'un will be about life, and redemption, and hope, and salvation.

Huge: Like I said - BOR-ing!

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