Saturday, October 16, 2010

Overheard at Table 3: NRA supporting Democrats

Billy: Didja hear the news that the NRA's supporting a whole bunch'a Dems this November?

Joe: Yeah, but then they came out and said that they usually support incumbents.

Jim: That and the spokesman said that they always weigh it carefully and if both candidates have the same stance on gun rights, then they go to the incumbent.

Bob: So you don't think it shows that they're playing some sort of game?

Billy: I think it shows that they're nobody bi-

Joe: -which makes me wish that other groups would be the same, you know, standing for what they stand for and not playing one side against the other.

Jim: Yeah, didn't these yay-hoos promise us two years ago that they would work TOGETHER? Man, all I ever hear is one side talking flak about the other and how they're never getting anything done.

Bob: And we're all caught in the middle.

Billy: Yeah, I feel like the American Public's the kids and the Dems and Republicans are the parent who hate each other.

Joe: And they're trying to make it work.

Jim: For the sake of the kids?

Bob: Well, that's what they say at least.

Billy: Nah, it's got to be something more twisted than that. The kids have been neglected for too long.

Joe: I got it.

Jim: What?

Bob: What do you got?

Billy: Yeah, tell us.

Joe: They aren't fighting for us kids . . . .

. . . they just each want the house. The house, the land, the property, the cars, the boat. All of it.

Jim: Any chance they'll settle out of court?

Bob: Don't think so - not with their eyes on THIS prize!

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