Sunday, October 24, 2010

Overheard at Booth 1

James Targoyl: Am I the only guy in America who thinks NPR was well within their rights to fire Juan Williams?

Lydia Schusterman: Yes.

James Targoyl: Am I wrong for thinking that since they work for the public they want to be fair and impartial?

Tully Cargill: Yes.

James Targoyl: But, am I way off base in thinking that they should have the ability to determien who they want representing them?

Harold Tillerman: Yes.

James Targoyl: But why, why am I so wrong?

Lydia Schusterman: Because only strident egomaniacal hatemongering right wing selfish vitriolic bags of sheer evil have the right to decide what happens in American media. And anybody who tries to be neutral is just feeding the liberal agenda. Down with fairness and decency! Down with just commentary! Down with decent neutrality! Up with the vitriol!

More hate! More hate! More hate!

James: Wow. You guys are a tough crowd!

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