Monday, October 25, 2010

Overheard at Table 3: The Human Centipede

and there's this movie, called the human centipede, and i swear it's so stupid, if i tell people about it, they'll probably wanna go see it, just because i told em not to

what's it about

it's about just that, the human centipede, there's this guy and he takes three people and he
well he
well he kinda
sews em together

sews em together?

yeah, and all the time I'm thinkin this girl's mother must be real proud of her, when she got a call from her daughter saying hey mom, i'm gonna be in this movie, and the mom said prob'ly that's great honey, what kind of movie, well mom it's a movie where my head gets sewn into another girl's butt!

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