Thursday, July 23, 2020

Oversung at the Counter: Song of the Day, "The Mothers of Portland"

The Mothers of Portland

Well they gassed the mayor of Portland
On the city streets last night
and they've been shooting at the faces
of the protesters on sight

And they're running down the taggers
with their jackboots and their guns
and they're beating on the journalists
with their shields and their batons

And they ain't got no insignias
Just their camouflage fatigues
You can not see their faces
But you can hear them laugh with glee

And all the Mothers of Portland
Are out in Yellow shirts tonight
Forming a line with their bodies
But they too get shot on sight.

Don't matter who you are
You all gonna get the gas
You gonna get your bones broken
You gonna get your face all smashed.

You gonna get shot in the face
But don't worry, the rounds ain't lethal
And we'll beat you twice as bad
If you dare say this ain't legal.

We don't care if you're the Mayor
We don't care if you're a mother.
We're gonna make you shut your mouths
One way or another.

[to the tune of The Mothers of Invention's "Trouble Every Day"

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