Saturday, July 25, 2020

Overheard at Table 3: No Movies this Summer

Wife: So when are you going to take me to see a movie in the theatres again?

Husband: Well, most of them are closed.  And the ones that are open aren't showing anything new.

Wife: What about Mulan?  You told me that Mulan would be out by now.

Husband: That's what they said last month.  But now they've kicked it back another month.

Wife: And what about Wonder Woman?  That was supposed to be out this Summer.

Husband:  Same thing.  I think they've pushed that back into the Fall.

Wife: Well, I heard there is a move about Marie Curie out on Amazon.  How about that one?

Husband:  That the one with Rosamund Pike?  Aw hell no!  I saw what she did with a box knife in Gone Girl, I don't wanna see what she can do with raw nuclear material!

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