Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Overheard at Booth 4

I caught my kid skateboarding with a new buddy the other night when I got home and was checking the mail slot - I really like it when he finds friends who actually introduce themselves to me and don't get all acting like I don't exist 'n shiff, but he was really cool, and

then I had to tell my kid, I said, "Hey have you finished your homework?" and he says, "No Dad I haven't" and I say, "Don't want to embarass you in front of your friend or anything, but you gotta get home and finish your homework," and get this - he says, "Hey I don't get embarassed watch this!"

and he points his skateboard at his friend and suddenly spits out, "MY MOM KISSES ME IN PUBLIC - YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!"

and his buddy's just looking at him like "who is this weirdo?" and I'm about near to burst out laughin', he was so funny!

couldn't believe it - what a great kid.

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