Friday, September 10, 2010

Overheard at Table 1

Hugh Mann: You know, I really hate how our President has to go in front of the American people and keep rubbing our noses in the past decade.

Adele Mishka: Absolutely, I agree, I mean, when's he gonna take responsibility for this mess.

Hugh: I didn't say this mess was his responsibility - everyone knows that it was letting the big banks and corporations get away with raping the American public - what I hate is that he has to keep REMINDING us about it.

Adele: You mean you don't understand that his policies aren't helping?

Hugh: No, what I mean is that he can't fix in two years what took eight to screw up! And it really galls me that the American people want it all fixed at the drop of a hat. What a bunch of mewling sacrosanct lazybones morons we are!

Adele: Hey, man, you're talking about the best country in the world!

Hugh: Did I say we weren't? I said we're a bunch of mewling sacrosanct lazybones morons . . . but we're still better than all the others!

Adele: Well . . . only so long as you never forget it!

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