Friday, September 17, 2010

At the Counter: Edward Watches Bella - Raptor Watches Edward

"You put that on your blog?" says John Steppenwolf.
"Yeah," says Niall Carter, "it's hilarious as hellendorfer! I love it. Movie mosh-ups, man, the next big thing."
"My daughter loves that movie, almost as much as my wife," says Verble, looking over his shoulder at the screen. "The girl doesn't know about Jurassic Park, though, she asked me what a raptor was."
"You know, that's sad," says Steppenwolf, "not knowing about Jurassic Park - that movie's not that old, is it?"
"About twenty years, yeah," says Verble.
"No way!"
"Dang. We're getting old."
"Speak for yourself," says Verble. "I'm getting younger every day."
Niall begins to sing, "I was so much older then . . .
and they all join in, "I'm younger than that NOW!"

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