Friday, September 3, 2010

Overheard at Booth 4

Billy: heard they blew up a mosque that was being built somewhere outside Virginia.

Joe: it was around there, was it Richmond?

Jim: upstate New York, some people interrupted prayers, chanting Islamic Mo-fos, go home.

Bob: some lady on the radio, said that she was glad they blew it up, saying they are all al-quaida and bombed our country.

Billy: but they ain't - they all ain't.

Joe: but they do follow a false religion.

Jim: but that don't mean they don't have the right to live in peace.

Bob: we all got that right.

Billy: but they shouldn't be building their center on top of the where the towers was.

Joe: but they ain't, it's a few blocks away.

Jim: the way I see it, ain't their fault, it's the fault of whover sold 'em the property. They's just acting like good capitalists - buying whatever they got the money for.

Bob: and how they get so much money?

Billy: we be buying they oil. That's how they got so rich.

Joe: heard on Jon Stewart the guy who's financing the building owns part of Fox News.

Jim: this the same Fox News who called him an evil terrorist?

Bob: something like that. Maybe they hate their boss.

Billy: maybe it's all this Fox News what's stirred up the people enough to start bombing
mosques and shooting at islamics and harassing them at their services.

Joe: corner store attendants are being beaten up for wearing turbans.

Jim: dang! Turbans ain't even islam, turbans be from India!

Bob: shoot, we just gettin' mad at everybody. Can't even tell who we hate any more, we just be hatin' !

Billy: you know, I just can't help but thinkin' that we always say we don't want them over here because they bombed our towers and we always look at their countries and we say thank God we ain't like them because they always killin' and blowin' stuff up, right?

Joe: right.

Jim: well, if we don't like them 'cause they're always shootin' and blowin' stuff up . . .

Bob: . . . and then if we start shootin' and blowin' stuff up.

Billy: then we'll make this country just like their countries. We'll make this country the thing that we was afraid THEY would make this country.

Joe: that would mean the terrorists have won, don't you think.

Jim: dang, talk about irony!

Bob: you said it, brother!

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