Saturday, July 31, 2021

Overheard at Table 2: Wicktims (66-70)


... the more that I was writing about these people, giving little lives to them, the more they began to flesh out as humans, and the more I began to realize that, whatever John Wick felt that he needed to do (survive, basically) it is still a loss that many of these characters will never get to go on and potentially live stories of their own.

66. Lindsey Smith.   Ever since getting out of the service, kept getting into fights and winding up in county jails.  Finally found this job, which he had hoped would be able to focus his rage and keep him out of trouble and make some money to boot.

67. Sheridan Maness.  Knows that it’s an unpopular opinion, but he still doesn’t think women should be in the military.

68. Ken Duncan.   Really hates all this LGBTQ stuff.  Wishes that everyone would just stay closeted, like his uncle was.   He really respected his uncle, and how he carried that burden grimly and with stoicism.

69. Jennifer Sickler.   She doesn’t mind being called a bitch.  She’s not here to make friends.  She knows that any of these assholes could turn on her at any moment.   She’s pissed that she is dying at the hands of a man.  She was hoping to die of cancer.

70. Nathan Homratshany.   The face of his mother floats before him now, the smile that she had, the smile that he always remembered as she brought a tray of food to him and his friends as they played video games in the living room.  He was the hit of the neighborhood.  His mom made the best food, and all his friends wanted to come over to his place.

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