Saturday, July 17, 2021

Overheard at Booth 4: Wictims (36-40)


... and they just keep on dying at the hands of John Wick.  He's a killing machine, that guy...


36. William de la Garza.   Got sideswiped last week by a teenage girl who didn’t have insurance, or even a license.  The car is totaled.  His wife is still sore from the impact of having the passenger side door pinning her to the seat.

37. Doug E. Smith.   Spends his free time on White Supremacist websites.  But he doesn’t see himself as a racist, because he has black friends.

38. William Niehaus.   Loves reading military history.  War seems to be the best record of how human beings attach such ideals to the need to conquer.  

39. Charlie Reynolds.   Wanted to write novels.  That’s not gonna happen now.

40. Christian Hitchcock.   Studying Japanese but damn it’s been over a year and he can’t even make a coherent sentence and he’s beginning to lose hope.

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