Sunday, July 18, 2021

Overheard at Table 2: Wicktims (41-45)


Going through the list of 299 nameless (well, formerly nameless) extras that died at the hands of John Wick across roughly six hours of screen time:


41. JouJou Malawi.   Favorite moment in life was going to the beach with her sisters and cousins in Lebanon.   They used to talk about everything, teachers, schools, boys, what they wanted to be.

42. Cheng Feng.   Has no respect for those who do not do everything in their power to make things better for the people around them.

43. Li Yu.   Has always lived by the belief that the one who strikes first is the one who will emerge victorious.

44. Ross Kendrick.  Spends most of his free time getting into arguments with strangers on Twitter.

45. Lucky Moran.  Last thought, “Oh goody!  Head shot!”



John Wick 4' is coming, it won't be a happy ending for Keanu Reeves

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