Friday, February 19, 2021

Overheard at Table 1: #CancelKindness

Be Kind to Everyone

Once, a motivational speaker of great renown came to the city and everybody went to see him.

They gathered in the amphitheater and waited expectantly for his great words of wisdom.  When he came to the stage, the lights dimmed and a spotlight focused on his figure, standing at the podium.

To the crowd, he said, "Be kind to everyone."

Then, he left the podium.

The people were enraged.  They rushed the stage, demanding to hear what more he had to say.  They had come to hear some true words of wisdom.  

He said to the crowd gathered around him, "Until you learn to be kind to everyone, I can teach you nothing further."

"But we ARE kind to everyone!" they shouted. 

He looked at one.  "You said you were happy that Rush Limbaugh died of lung cancer."

The person replied, "Of course!  He was a racist who laughed when gay people died of AIDS."

The speaker said, "But was that kind?  And you ... you have told members of your family that they can never see you again and you will not take your kids to their houses for holidays."

That person replied, "That's because my family is MAGA and I'm not going to have my kids exposed to that kind of hate."

The speaker replied, "But was that kind?"

That person replied, "It's right for my kids."

The speaker asked, "But is it kind to your family?"

That person replied, "They are dead to me."

The speaker said, "And now all of you know why I can't teach you anything further."

The crowd grew even more incensed.   Every person took to Twitter, Instagram, IG, TikTok, FB, every platform they had available, using the hashtag #CancelKindness.

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