Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Overheard at Table 1: The Art of Peace

The Art of Peace

1) Take nothing personally.

2) Understand that the other person believes as much in their position as you do in yours.  Even more so.

3) Breathe.  Very important.  Always remember to breathe.

4) Old adages are often very useful, both as points of wisdom and as ice-breakers.  Choose a few carefully and use them wisely.

5) The other person is not your enemy - even if they themselves believe that they are.

6) Your enemy is that force whose only purpose is to deny you peace.

7) Learn how to quiet your mind.  And more importantly, learn how to keep it quiet.

8) Read by natural light as much as possible.

9) Work at what you love.  As the adage goes, "If you love your work, it ceases to be work."

10) Be prepared not to have money.  Seek joy instead.

11) Love the way a dog loves: openly, honestly, joyfully, happily, unashamedly.

12) Speak only when silence will cause more pain.

13) Let your words be soft, yet swift as arrows.

14) Know that you are not in control.  Accept this condition.

15) Seek always for restoration, never for retribution.

16) Forgive.  Forgive often.  Forgiveness frees you.

17) Love how people live in a variety of climates.

18) Seek the wind on your cheeks.

19) Remind yourself every moment that you have nothing to prove.

20) Harmony is more important than proving yourself right.

21) An angry person is like a speeding car with no brakes.  It the only way to survive is to step out of the path, then do so.   Even if they will crash into the wall.

22) If the person who thinks they are your enemy falls into trouble, be the first person to lend a helping hand.

23) Forgive more often than you draw breath.


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