Friday, February 12, 2021

Overheard at Table 4: Don't Wanna Get COVID

1: One guy at work is out with COVID. In the hospital.

2: That sucks.  Hope he'll be OK.

1: Hope so too.   You know, I sure do NOT wanna get COVID.  Because I just know if I do, I'll probably be one of those cases where they'll have to put me on a ventilator and on those blood machines that sucks your blood out, pumps oxygen into, and pumps it back into you, and then three weeks later they'll bring me out of the drug-induced coma and my wife will be standing over me and the first thing she'll say is "I FOUND YOUR PORN!"

2: ... sounds like if you go under, you just better not come back out.

1: Oh for certs.

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