Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Overread at Table 2: Books on the Nightstand

He looked at his nightstand.  The books piled on top.  The books stacked underneath.  The books hidden  in the drawer.

Hand on the wood, fingers moving toward the spine of the book atop two others.

"How many of these have I read?" he thought.  "How many do I need to read before I get to 1,000?"

Most of them, he could see, were books about the Bible.  Books on the Bible.  Books based on Biblical principals or the study of Jesus Christ, who is God.

But how much of a percentage could he have read to consider them counting toward the 1,000?



And would that include paragraphs he skimmed over?

And since they were about his Lord and Savior, would any shortcuts be, in effect, cheating God?

These are questions to which he had no answer.

He supposed he would just have to take it on faith.

He smiled than, both wanly, and with resolution.

Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

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