Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: Redemption

Script Idea:  A Televangelist comes to know Jesus Christ and then seeks redemption.

The beginning of the movie shows the televangelist at the top of his game - his church is filled with 20,000 people each sermon, all cheering at the end of almost every sentence.  He has the "hot" blonde wife, the private jet, the mansion, everything.

Then, one time he doesn't have a stock sermon ready, so he decides to actually open the Bible and begin to read it.   This is important: most movies would have some "Shock!" moment, that would change his life.  This should be as he reads the Word, he becomes more and more convinced that he is living outside of God's will.  

Gradually he begins to change.  People start to notice.  His wife starts to distance herself from him.  His staff gets more and more disgruntled.  and his congregation begins to turn on him.  They do not want to hear the real message of Christ.

How to end it?
Having him in a small church in an inner city would be too stereotypical.
It would be better to have him not be able to get a job, even at small churches, because his face is still recognizable.

Better to have the movie end with him in a totally different profession altogether.
And the last scene could be a small Bible study group in his living room.

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