Saturday, November 28, 2020

Overheard at Table 2: Tehrangeles

 May have been the same BBC show, think it was “News Hour” with Nikki Beatty, but they were talking to other British actors and there was one of whom they asked to describe how it was to work in Hollywood.  She replied that she liked working in LA and the main difference was that, in England, everyone did every job on set, while in Hollywood, every job was compartmentalized: A gaffer was a gaffer, a set designer did set designs, and she was free simply to focus on nothing more than her lines.  She found it freeing.

She also mentioned that she found a sort of “home away from home.” The actress talking was Israeli, born to Iranian parents, and she met a lot of Iranians in Hollywood.  She said, in fact they called it “Tehrangeles.”  (Tehran + Los Angeles)

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