Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Overhears at Table 4: Evangelicals cut funding to Muslim TV Show

Billy: You know, I don't think I much like those evangelicals telling Lowe's to cut their funding to that television show about Muslims.

Joe: Why not?

Jim: Yeah, for me it shows that at least somebody can control one of these big corporate monsters.

Bob: And you know that there's tough to do.

Billy: Well, that's true, but my thought is, if they don't like the show because it supposedly is so antithetical to Jesus, then why don't they do the same thing for Teen Mom and all those reality shows where young people are shacked up together in a house, all screwing each other and telling all about it? Why aren't they shutting down all the Housewives of Richville? I mean, those certainly show what the Book of Proverbs warned about vicious women.

Joe:Well, it's obvious ain't it? They're all too busy watching the Bachelorette!

Jim: True. How true.

Bob: Just goes to show that evangelicals can only talk Jesus. They can't NEVER walk Jesus.

Billy: The way I see it, these evangelicals think that tv shows about Muslims area danger to the message of salvation through Christ. Sad, because they're too utterly stupid to know that every show they watch on tv that promotes teen sex and American Freedom is the real danger to the message of Christ.

Joe: Oh yeah, like Sons of Anarchy.

Jim: Oh man, I bet Southern evangelicals LOVE that show!

Bob: What about that one where the chemistry professor becomes a meth dealer. Why don't they shut that one down?

Billy: Because he ain't Muslim.

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