Monday, December 5, 2011

Overheard at Booth 3: Ann Coulter on the Open Desire to Kill Innocent Protesters

Bill: All I can say is that this woman is creepy-evil.

Steve: Downright dirty evil. I used to think that she was just stupid, but actually calling for the military to gun these Occupiers down. Man, that's cold. That's just stone cold.

Marcus: Makes me wanna puke and never stop, I'll tellya. But what's even worse is that there is no public outcry. If she had said about, oh I dunno, the drug crime in DC "Well, you know in the 40's, a coupla good lynchings took care of that!" she'd be run out of the country. But she talks about murdering people who are exercising their First Amendment rights, and not one single word drifts across the airwaves.

Bill: Creepy-evil.

Steve: Stone. Cold.

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