Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Overheard at Booth 2: Talking Republican Candidates

Well I wouldn't vote for perry, no how.

Oh god no. Perry's nothing but a liar. You know he had his guy, then he fired him and then he brought him back, and this guy took money and owns an island. An ISLAnd.

Yeah, they're all crooks. I consider perry nothing but a political prostitute. I used to like Cain, but you know what I think they got to Cain.

Yeah, they got together to push him out. Because he wasn't part of the establishment.

You know if it came down to it right now, it'd have to be either Gingrich or Romney. I know Gingrich has got some baggage, but you know, he really is the most intelligent one up there.

I wouldn't vote for Romney if he were the only candidate available. He talks like a Democrat.

Yeh he shot himself in the foot all do. He started off strong but the more he talked the more people stopped liking him.

Because he only says what people want to hear. And people can spot that and they don't want to be pandered to anymore.

You know I liked bachmanat first, but I don't really know what happened to her. She was the toughest talking. But then she does sometimes say some kinda crazy things.

Well to be honest with you I liked what some you feller said when they were interviewing people at some rally in Iowa, this kid said the perfect Christmas present this year would be for Ron Paul to win Iowa.

Well, you know, he's still in there. I don't know exactly how he's doing it, but he's still in there, just like Ross Perot was way back then.

Yep. Sure will be interesting, I give it that.

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