Friday, December 23, 2011

Overheard at Table 4

Oh fer godsakes, does everybody have to try to be so all encompassing alla dang time? I swear I jes heard on da tv sum senator jes say that the extension of the tax cut was a good Christmas present . . . And a good Kwanzaa present . . . And a good Hanukkah present. Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick it's a frikkin Christmas present . . . Why does everything else haveta be put on the same level because it's not, They're not on da same level.

Listen - whether you believe in any of them or not it goes like this: Kwanzaa is the celebration of African culture and how it directly relates to Americans of African decent. Hanukkah is the celebration of how the Jews got rid of the stink of non Jews out of their temple, and Christmas is the celebration of the god of creation coming to earth in human form in order to give the entire human race a pathway to life in eternity.

Like i said, it doesn't matter if you believe in eithe tone or not, but you can not speak of them in the same breath, because they do not carry the same weight, theologically speaking. They should not be mentioned in the same sentence, ever. They are not equal, nor we're they ever intended to be equal. So we should all stop trying to speak of them in an equal vein, just to try to please everybody.

Stuck everybody! Nobody is going to be happy - ever! And it's about time that we just admit it, be respectful, and move the truck on!

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