Saturday, July 30, 2011

Overheard at Table 2:

and it really got her down, you know, it's so sad, I mean, he left her, like, with two kids and another one on the way . . .

is she pregnant aGAIN?

yes! and you know he just took off - BAM! gone! - and she's wondering how she's going to make the rent, because she can't even find him now, he's not answering his cell, all she knows is he took off with some spic hairdresser from Queens!

how does she know that?

because it was HER hairdresser!


well, anyway, maybe she really should've seen it coming, like, you know, she DID catch him making out with her half-sister in the foyer of the church the day they got married.

definitely a snapshot of the future, sure enough!

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