Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overheard at Table 1: Brains vs Brawn

guy: My wife and I were having this discussion after we saw Thor.

his friend: How was it? I heard it was very cool.

guy: it was - very cool. First blockbuster of the summer. Rightly so. Just the right amount of superhero action, cool special effects, not overly deep on the character development, but it had some good lines back and forth . . .

his friend: witty repartee - always very cool.

guy: but the eye candy was only for the women. Don't really know what that was all about, but there was one scene where the guy was shirtless and I thought my wife was gonna bust right outta HERS, if you know whattImean . . .

his friend: six pack, huh? I hate guys like that.

guy: so yeah, and that's when we got into this discussion as we were leaving the theater about what women really want, and I was all talking about natural selection and about how much women may SAY they want a guy who understands and is considerate and remembers everything and all that, what they really want is some hot buff dude with a chiseled chest.

his friend: how'd she take that?

guy: well, she kept saying how that wasn't true, so I showed her this:

. . . and I said, "So tell me, babe, who would you rather procreate with: that guy - or THIS guy? :

his friend: bet she didn't have a good comeback for that one, did she?

guy: well, actually, that was when she said the coolest thing. She told me, and I don't think I'll ever forget this, she said, "Baby, you may not be as chiseled as Thor or as smart as Stephen Hawking, but you're the perfect blend of both of them for me!"

his friend: man! That's a keeper.

guy: no doubt!

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