Thursday, July 28, 2011

Overheard at the Counter: Norwegian Psycho-Killer Christian or not?

Niall Carter: Now I know the world's ending.

John Steppenwolf: Why's that?

Niall Carter: Because I actually agreed with something Bill O'Reilly said.

John Steppenwolf: That's not too surprising. Evil CAN speak truth when it's convenient for the overall goal.

Niall: True, I suppose. O'Reilly was saying that the Norwegian Psycho-Killer couldn't be a Christian, because Christians do not commit mass murder.

John: Not good Christians, anyway.

Niall: That's what the Progressive radio channel was saying, they were all up in it on Bill O'Reilly, making the claim that the American Christian Conservative movement is just one step away from unloading bullets on a bunch of kid campers themselves.

John: Sad. Just like the Americans to take a human tragedy and use it to cement their own political agenda.

Niall: Sometimes I'd just like to take the Right and the Left and boink their heads together. Knock some sense into both of them.

The Barista (bringing more coffees): Or at least give them the decency to respect the tragedy of others.

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