Friday, July 29, 2011

Overheard at the Counter: Why even the homeless would vote Republican

Lucky Moran, sitting at the counter with Niall Carter and John Steppenwolf, says, "When I think about times like these, with the debt ceiling about to come crashing down on us and all, I'm reminded of something I learned all those years I spent working next door at Second Hand Rose . . .

"I'll never forget, this guy came in, typical indigent, smelling bad, clothes rotting right off his body, bandage wrapped around his arm where he'd just donated plasma, and you could see every missing and rotted tooth in his mouth, because he was ranting about something (and this was the 90's, so it was probably about Lewinsky), but he said, 'I will NEVER vote Democrat! I will ALWAYS vote Republican, because the day I make my millions, the Republicans won't take it away from me!'

"And it was so sad, to see that. And me, still being a young man at the time, and a little mouthy, just shot back at him, 'Dipwad! They already HAVE!'"

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