Saturday, July 23, 2011

Overheard at Booth 5: Ramblings of a Progressive Christian

. . . taint nobody list'nin tain't nobody unnnerstands is terrible y'knoo is terrible wha' be happn'in t'my country cain't stand it no sir cain't stand it no how, all this ramblin' and ranglin' over debt ceiling, don't none these voters unnerstan it ain't about no debt ceiling is all about how the rich folks gonna position themselves for next years elections?

and t'tell the truth if We th' People had any lick'a sense in our 300,000,000 collective brains, we'd tell those liars in Washington GET THE JOB DONE - NOW! or we'd walk there en masse and drag them out of their cushy little offices and toss 'em to the street like the rest of the trash, I'm talkin' ALL of them . . . b'cuz they ain't workin' for us they be workin' fer themselves and that's the God's honest truth

. . . and so help me, if one more of those Pharisees dat's right I call'em like I sees 'em all the politicians are modern day Pharisees so when I say Pharisee I'm meanin' politician, when one more says they they are a believer in Jesus Christ y'know that's a demon inside laughing them all the way to Hell, b'c you cain't be a follower of Christ and let people die in the streets with no food and no medicine, and Jesus never said blessed are the rich or blessed are those who allow corporations to run the people and God help us for not slicing right through the lie that by letting corps off the hook for paying their taxes that somehow they are gonna magically translate those savings into jobs for you and me, b'cuz it AIN'T TRUE!

. . . Jesus tells us that we will be known by our fruits, and that means that the truth about us ain't what we say it's what we do, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit is:

Galatians 5:
22b. . . . love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
23a. gentleness and self-control.

. . . and lemme ask ya, my fellow Americans, who in Washington or even who WANTS to be in Washington has shown those fruits? Huh? Huh? When has Bachman ever shown kindness or gentleness, when has Boehner ever shown joy, peace, self-control, when has Obama ever shown faithfulness, when had Reid ever shown forbearance, and when has any Republican ever shown gentleness or goodness and when has any Democrat ever shown joy or faithfulness? and when has any politican ever shown love? that is, except to say, LOVE to the Money Machine that prostitutes them for Power?

Excuse me, sir?

. . . wha' wha' wha issit?

Mr Gherulous, sir?

. . . ya', yah? tell me, wot? Speak it out, girl?

I think you need to go home and go to bed now, you've been up two days straight watching CNN. It's not healthy for you.

. . . also, also, switching back'n'forth between the Devil (Fox News) and the Deep Blue Sea (MSNBC)!

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