Monday, April 18, 2011

Overheard at Table 4: The State of Modern American Protests

1: Yesterday my 14 year old walked out of school along with the 300 other kids to protest the teachers getting laid off.

2: Well, score one for the peaceful protesters!

1: Yeah. Wife didn't like the principal sending her a nasty email threatening expulsion, but I was kinda all for it.

2: Taking a stand for the rights of others. Jesus would be proud.

1: I was too - until I printed out the addresses of all the state and federal representatives, the governor, the superindentent and the school board. I gave it to my daughter and said, 'Here give this to all your friends and swamp all the offices with letters,' and she was like 'eh! No thanks!'

2: No thanks?

1: Yeah, looks like they can all go for the cool show, but when it comes time to actually sit down and compose a coherent sentence, they're like, just not into it.

2: Ah, the show is always more interesting than the work.

1: Plus, the security of the mob feels better than the putting yourself on the line.

2: Still, it's a start.

1: Still more than what all their parents did, which is just sit on their assets and let the teachers get laid off.

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