Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Overheard at Table 1: Chalkboard Zen

I think chalkboards are truly zen . . . think of how many ideas have been placed on chalkboards,

over the years, over the centuries, and all to be

wiped clean by the eraser or even a simple cloth. . . . the greatest scientific achievements have been

made on the chalkboard:

Einstein, Fermi, Oppenheimer,

the Curies, Hildegard and Frick

. . . Hildegard and Frick?

. . . sorry, who were the DNA guys?

Watson and Crick.

Yeah, yeah, Watson and Crick . . .

but just remember how many children, you and I and all the others, learned their first

mathematical concepts at the chalkboard - that beast!

that beast that was waiting to demonstrate to the class of hideously laughing

6th graders who claimed to be our friends! how many times the chalkboard was ready

to show us for the ignorants we were, only to turnabout and guide our hands,

squeak and chalkdust flying, as we scribbled our way into understanding!

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