Thursday, April 7, 2011

Overheard at Booth 3

I heard that the Republicans are trying to gut funding for NPR.

Normally that'd hack me off, but ever since that fiasco about Juan Williams, the bravest NPR ever gets any more is talking abotu how Facebook is changing our eating habits.

So I take it that means you're not going to donate this year.

Dude! Last year they had an expose that showed how the private prison industry orchestrated the Arizona immigrant law in order to build permanent jails to house women and kids. That was big! That was huge! Ever hear that story?


Dang right you didn't! I wanna know why. But NPR broke it, and then suddenly they are deflated like a limp balloon. I don't even know why the Republicans want to bother any more, they've already scared NPR into complete sycophantic submission!

Sounds to me like that'd make you want to donate even more. Get NPR weaned off their government umbilical cord. Put it right into the hands of the public, the way it should be.

Yeah. We've already got that. It's called Pacifica radio.

The "America-can-do-no-right" station?

Well, yeah, I guess sometimes they get a little TOO progressive, even for me. But man, if there was some sort of balance between the two, that'd be perfect.

Dare to dream.

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