Saturday, April 16, 2011

Overheard at Table 2: FFT

In Katy it seems that the only people fighting for the rights of teachers are those who cannot vote,

. . . while their parents just sat back and let it all happen. Their complacency, along with their indolence, has led to an education system that will never teach their children the meaning of those two polysyllabic words.

But at Taylor High School, yesterday, the kids walked out in protest of the firing of the teachers over a budget shortfall that had been caused by the misappropriation of funds slated for the school systems from the previous term of the Republican governor - who was somehow reelected even though it was widely known that he gave those school-slated Federal funds to his personal crony-buddies! And as well, we should remember that Texas has the lowest business tax rate, and even at that the state refuses to collect the pittance that business are (on paper at least) required to pay

. . . so the shortfall really isn't that teachers are a drain on the economy, but that the government refuses to bring in the income needed to support the people that the government was made to protect and serve.

But all these high schoolers know is that they want an education, and they know that they can't get one if class sizes swell to 30-plus students.

Seems like the kids are smarter than the leaders, eh!

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