Thursday, November 11, 2010

Overheard at Table 3: A Connecticut Facebook Ranter in King Verble's Court

Luego says, "Dang right I think they should have fired her - I mean, nobody's got the right to go on and slag the company they're working for."

Hasta says, "Heck yeah, they do - that's what we've got First Amendment protection for!"

Manana breaks in, "Actually, what I read is that they were gonna fire her anyways, for being generally rude and giving bad customer service."

Luego says, "See - that's just right. Her going on Facebook is just spreading more crud around - and what's bad for the company is bad for business - and don't we want business to be able to grow."

Hasta, "But business can't break into people's private lives"

Verble, bringing more lattes for the table, says gently, "Manana had a good point about the customer service issue - and does anybody know what she worked as?"

Hasta says, "No - what is she?"

Verble says, "She's an EMT . . . now, is a paramedic really someone you want giving poor customer service?"

Nobody responds for a moment, and Verble continues, "And remember, the law states that you can say whatever you want to about wages and about working conditions - which by the way, are rights found for you and you and you about a hundred years ago by the sweat and blood of your great-grandparents - but beyond that, the First Amendment was only set up by the founders to protect political speech. They wanted to make sure that we live in a society where the government can never lock you away or kill you for speaking out against it."

Manana says, "Really? Man, how do you know all this?"

Verble says, "Oh, it's a little thing called reading."

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