Friday, November 12, 2010

Overheard at Booth 2

Thomas was saying, "and then I read in the paper today about some conservative talk radio host in Florida who said that she wasn't going to take a spot in the new governor's cabinet, or something, because there had been some flak about some comments she'd made on her show. Turns out she was talking to some teaparty activists one time and said something like 'if ballots don't work, bullets will' - then some of the crazies called in a threatening email to the local schools, like, taking up the call2arms, y'know?"

And Jenni said, "all I know's this's frikkin' nuts, y'know, it's like, I dunno, other countries always have revolutions to, like, overthrow the plutocracy, and we like, y'know, wanna spill blood in the streets to keep ours!"

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