Saturday, November 20, 2010

Overheard at Booth 4: Temporary Security Essential Liberty

Billy: Heard this crud on the teevee the other night about the old Ben Franklin saying that those who will give up essential liberty for the sake of temporary security deserve neither.

Joe: Yah, that's from some Republican news station. They talkin' 'bout this health care, it's temporary security but givin' up our freedom from invasive gummint.

Jim: Seems to me like they should be talkin' about that there tapping our phones without gettin' a court order - or holding US citizens without charges or trial. Seems to me like THAT's a lot more worser.

Bob: When did they do all that?

Billy: Where you been? It's called the Patriot Act. George Bush. Yer right. THAT's some dang invasion of givin' up our essential liberty.

Joe: Direct contradiction to the Bill of Rights. Obama's carried it forward too, even though he promised to stop that Shi'ite.

Jim: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Where'd I hear that one?

Bob: Vodka commercial?

Billy: Don't be an eejit. But what gets me is that we let this all slide, we let the government steal our ability to defend ourselves in court, our right to keep our library records private, our right to keep government from listening in on our phone calls, we gave ALL that up, just so al-quayda won'b bomb us no more, but we don't want them to make sure that no more bombers get on the plane.

Joe: You mean them scanners what can tell the size of yer johnson?

Jim: Heh - that'd have to be a really BIG scanner!

Bob: Heh, heh! Good'un.

Billy: That's exac'ly what I'm talkin' 'bout. I swear, we get all our panties in a wad over the scanners, and yet we give up the big ones.

Joe: That's because we're visual. If we don't see it, we let gummint take it away. The scanners is something tangible.

Jim: You mean we're a visual based society?

Bob: Nah, he's saying we Americans are stupid.

Billy: Dang right. We're ignorant of our own rights, but we're shootin' our mouths off about it all the time.

Joe: Sometimes when I really think about what we're doing to ourselves in this county, it gets me so mad it just makes my stomach hurt!

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