Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cafe, the Day After: various voices

. . . now he's gonna have to work with the other party.

wait, did we all forget? He HAS been trying to work with the other party! He's the guy who ran two years ago on a ticket of working across the aisle!

. . . didn't do it very well, then did he?

All I know is we gotta get rid of that health care bill.

One, it's already law, and two, why?

Why what?

Why do we "have to get rid of it"?

I dunno. It's big government, I guess.

You don't even know what's in it.

Nobody knows.

Then how do we know we don't like it.

Because Obama was for it!

All in all, it's really business as usual. More money, more power grabbing. They're all crooks.

That's why we had the Tea Party.

Whatever! The Tea Party just wants to be crooks like the rest of 'em.

Looking back over this decade I realized that the Wrong side spent eight years ruining the country, by overspending in two useless wars, and then they bailed out these HUGE megabanks, and they were swept out of power. Then, two years later, because the Left side hadn't been able to correct what took the Wrong side EIGHT YEARS to screw up, we sweep them out of power WITH THE SAME GUYS WHO SCREWED US UP TO BEGIN WITH!!! now HOW




That's not stupid. That's just realizing that there's nothing else. Just these two. It's like if all you ever had were the Rams and the Saints, what's a Packer fan to do?

I think it was a victory for the Democrats.

How can you say that? They got spanked!

No they didn't! That wasn't a spanking. Look at each of those results - each one was 51% to 49%. 52% - 48% and so on. When you put together that the Republicans outspent the Democrats 7 to 1 - that's $7 Republican for every single dollar on the Dems, then you realize that it wasn't a fair fight at all. If the Republicans have to outspend in such ungodly amounts, just to pull off these half-n-half victories, then you know who is truly the weaker.

I don't understand how you can call them weaker when they won.

Yeah, you and about 250 million other Americans. But don't worry, someday, God willing, you will.

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