Friday, November 5, 2010

Overheard at Table 2

"What I can't believe is how we're so drowning ourselves in hyperbole: they SWEPT the House, it was a TIDAL WAVE, the Dems were SMASHED, CRUSHED, RIPPED TO SHREDS . . . "

"Heh, heh, those crazy nutblogs . . ."

"Heck no, that's from mainstream news! It's a little embarassing, thinking that we're so craving the high, that we make this stit up . . . a 'landslide' or a 'rout' would have meant the Republicans winning EVERY race. But they didn't win every single race - they won a LOT, sure, but . . . "

"- the thing that scares me is that lady in Nevada - who refused to answer any questions - she told one reporter 'I'll answer all those questions when I'm senator' - what scares me is that she actually got 45% of the vote! A nutjob like that should have had only something like the usual five psychos who wander drunk into the polling booth, but she actually gave him a run for his money. A whack-job who ran only on the Tea Party ticket - who got 45%? What kind of people are we voting for anyway?"

"Apparently nobody. We're not voting for anybody any more. We're all just voting against people - even people who aren't running for office."

"So tell me, at the end of the day - who's fault is that? The people running for office or the people voting?"

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