Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story

Verble points to another of his prized possessions,

a framed cover of this album from



Ah, I can't remember, but man, where would we be without acoustic rock like this? It doesn't get any better . . . sure, "Maggie May" might be a little overdone, but the title track just blows it all away, I've never heard a more ripping opening to an album - that track just throws you right into the whole mix.

And every track on this album is great. The acoustics are clunky, boxy, raw, and just complete rock and roll. Even down to these little fake galliard pieces in between songs. Utterly fantastic. This album needs to be listened to again and again. The only one that comes close is Gasoline Alley, but this one edges it out by a hair.

Always made me a little sad, though, to watch the man go downhill. He had other albums that showed the same promise, but they got a little less and less with each one he put out.

and by the time he got to "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" - ugh! It was all over . . .

but we'll always have Every Picture Tells a Story!

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