Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Overheard at Table 1: Grannies and Kittens

I had an idea for a new type of news station - you know, I get so tired of hearing all the negative news out there, this new one will show nothing but positive news!

Positive news - who wants to hear that?

That's what I thought at first, but then I was sitting there, watching all the rapes, death, slaughter, murder and mayhem, natural disasters, that I finally just thought, man! we gotta get us some positive spin out here before we ALL crack up.

Yeah, but who wants to hear about rescuing kittens in trees and helping grannies cross the street?

It's not gonna be like that - it's gonna show the same stuff buyt only it'll focus on the positive side of the disaster.

The POSITIVE side of a disaster?

Yeah yeah, listen - I heard an interview with Sean Penn last month, who talked about his helping out in Haiti, and he talked about how the US military was the ONLY aid relief organization that had it's ship together - you needed anything, medicine, food, anything, you went to the US army. I mean, look - all we ever get about the military is how they're either getting blown apart by roadside bombs or how they're holding dog leashes around the necks of naked Iraqis - it's about time we had something POSITIVE about the good work they do that no one ever hears about.

Maybe you got a point, but still . . .

And then, take a few weeks ago, the pastor was talking about these two little girls in India, in a village where the whole place was enslaved by this corporation, and the government official came in to check on them and all the grownups were too scared to say ship, and they were all going, "we're good, we're good - all good here" and these girls stepped up and said, "Heck with that - we're being treated like animals here!" It's stuff like that, we're not turning away from the bad stuff, but we're going to show the human heroism, the dignity, the bravery, the innate good that comes out of this mess.

Well, if Fox News could take an underrepresented niche and make it into mainstream, maybe you got a chance.

That's what I'm thinkin.

But still, I'm concerned you might degenerate into kitten rescue and granny walkin'

. . . maybe. If it's a slow news day, I might give 'em grannies and kittens.

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